We are Alpha Systems Limited, a technology company in Kenya that specializes in Smart Utility Metering, Green Energy Solutions, Professional Lighting, Systems Automation and Technology Research.

Our product innovations are guided by the three main pillars of

Our Mission

To solve daily life challenges by delivering energy-efficient, cost-effective and innovative technology solutions through Expert and Specialized knowledge.

Our Vision

To be a leading Technology Solutions Provider in the Eastern Africa Region.

Our Core Values

Quality is our priority in both Goods and Service Delivery. We temper enthusiasm with experience to make sure it`s right.

We tailor our services to meet customer needs in terms of Quality, Time Delivery and Budget and understand that working closely with our customers greatly impacts product delivery despite varying requirements and needs.

We package our services to meet Multi-disciplinary tasks, drawing expertise from a widely experienced in-house team.

We have vast experience in Planning, Designing and Executing Project through design to Testing / Commissioning, Supply and Fix Project Materials and Equipment Maintenance Contracts in the region.

Our approach to addressing challenges is CONSULTATIVE and INTERACTIVE. We believe in innovative, imaginative and practical ways when the task is complex and unfamiliar. If there is an off-the-shelf solution, we’ll provide it, and if not, we’ll build a new solution.

Our Pledge

Excellence in Project Excecution

Project Delivery with high standard practices from design to implementation with documentation and ensuring value addition to our clients.

Service Support and Extended Warranty

We offer unparalleled customer support on phone, emails, video calls and physical visits and offer continuous product training to our customers. We offer extended warranty on our branded products.


We have global presence and partnerships with multiple best industries manufacturers and suppliers to deliver quality products and services.


We have a dedicated team of engineering professionals, project managers and management staff qualified in diverse fields to deliver our innovative solutions. 

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Lunga Lunga Square, 2nd Floor Suite 206