MajiSmart Metering Solutions.

Switch to the Smarter way of utility monitoring.

Redefine water management precision with our smart water meters, seamlessly delivering real-time insights for informed conservation.

Our MajiSmart Solutions

Dive into the Future: Empowering Water Conservation Through Smart Meter Innovation.

Metering and Billing Platform

Experience a new era of utility management with MajiSmart – your all-in-one online metering and billing platform. From consumption insights to hassle-free payments, MajiSmart empowers you to take control of your utilities in a smarter, more convenient way.

Domestic Meters

Reinvent your relationship with water using our domestic water meters. From insightful consumption tracking to promoting mindful usage, our meters empower households to become stewards of water conservation while enjoying accurate billing. Embrace a future where every drop counts with our cutting-edge domestic water meter solutions.

Bulk Meters

Revolutionize large-scale water management with our bulk water meter solutions. From municipalities to industries, our meters provide precise measurement and data insights for efficient resource allocation. Seamlessly monitor and manage water distribution, ensuring sustainability and cost-effectiveness on a grand scale with our advanced bulk metering technology.

Android / IOS App

Introducing Alpha Smart: Your Gateway to Smarter Utilities. Our Android and iOS app offers unprecedented access to real-time insights from smart meters, empowering you with consumption data, streamlined billing, and total transparency. Experience a new level of control over your resources, all at your fingertips with Alpha Smart.

See the Products

Remote meter readings

View readings on our integrated platform

Prepaid & Postpaid Tariffs

View readings on our integrated platform

Valve Control

Turn meter on/off remotely

Accurate Measuring

Ultrasonic sensor for more precise readings

Automatic Billing

Set and run automated billing for customers

Revenue Management

Send and track all water payment receipts and invoices.

Data on MajiSmart Platform

View meter readings on the MajiSmart platform or the Alpha Smart App

Water Conservation

Get insights on water use to help drive conservation efforts