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Empowering informed energy choices through cutting-edge smart electricity meters.

Our UmemeSmart Solution

"Empower Your Energy Management: Revolutionizing Consumption Control with Smart Electricity Meters."

Metering and Billing Platform

Elevate Your Energy Management. Our online metering and billing platform connects seamlessly with smart energy meters, offering real-time data insights, effortless billing, and a new level of energy control. Experience a future of efficient energy usage and empowered decision-making with UmemeSmart.

Single-Phase Meters

Discover a new dimension of energy monitoring with our Smart Single Phase Meters. Seamlessly integrating with your energy ecosystem, these meters provide real-time insights, efficient billing, and enhanced control. Embrace a smarter energy journey and unlock unprecedented transparency with our advanced single-phase metering technology.

Three-Phase Meters

Redefine Your Energy Management. Seamlessly connect with advanced three-phase energy meters through our online platform, granting you instant data access, streamlined billing, and unparalleled energy control. Experience a future where efficient energy usage is effortless and informed decisions are at your fingertips with UmemeSmart.

CT Meters

Discover the Future of Energy Monitoring with UmemeSmart CT Meters. A CT meter, or Current Transformer meter, is designed for high-precision energy measurement in industrial settings. Seamlessly integrated with our online platform, CT meters offer real-time insights, streamlined billing, and unmatched energy control. Gain accurate data on high-current systems, ensuring efficiency, safety, and informed decision-making. Embrace the power of CT meters and UmemeSmart for a smarter energy future.

DC Meters

Unlock Precision Energy Monitoring with our DC Meters. Designed for direct current systems, DC meters provide real-time data insights, and enhanced energy control. Whether for renewable energy sources or specialized applications, DC meters ensure accuracy and efficiency, empowering informed decision-making. Embrace the potential of DC meters and UmemeSmart for a smarter energy landscape.

Android / IOS App

Introducing Alpha Smart: Your Gateway to Smarter Utilities. Our Android and iOS app offers unprecedented access to real-time insights from smart meters, empowering you with consumption data, streamlined billing, and total transparency. Experience a new level of control over your resources, all at your fingertips with Alpha Smart.

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Revenue Protection

Ensure payment through remote connection and disconnection.

Real-time Data

Access real-time data from the UmemeSmart platform as well as the Alpha Smart app.

Consumer Empowerment

Track and analyze usage patterns for better planning

Consumption Reconciliation

Use data to gauge consumption and determine billing amounts

Unrivalled Accuracy

Ensure power used is accurately billed.

UmemeSmart Platform

Access to our integrated metering and billing platform as well as the Alpha Smart Android and IOs App.